" Solder Canvas Class"

Teachers: Cheryl Waters and Rita Reade
Date: April 14th, 2012
Time: 10:00am

Location: 5502 8th St. Fallbrook/Rainbow
Price: $120.00

please bring E-6000 and Elmers Glue

lunch included

This will be our third time teaching this specific class. It's so full of information and techniques. You will go home with lots of goodies and a beautiful canvas.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions and to register

class is not refundable!

"Ballerina Class"

Date: March 31st, 2012
Time: 10 am - 2pm
Location: 5502 8th. Street,
Fallbrook/Rainbow, Ca. 92028
Price: $ 140.00 kit $ 20.00 Optional
Lunch included

Supplies included in the $140.00 are:
Glass, 4 Ornate legs, all solder supplies,
E-6000 , Elmer's Glue.
Optional kit $20.00 includes:
1 Tear drop Crystal, 2 white marbles, rhinestones, ballerina, pearl, mica, millinery, picket fence. This is optional because you are welcome to bring your own elements to put inside the glass box.

Please bring needle nose pliers

e-mail me to register:

Crystal Cross Soldering Class & Seashell bottle
Date : January 21th, 2012
Time : 10 am (4 hours long plus time for lunch)
Lunch included
Price: $120.00
If you would like to learn how to make a Glitterati Charm please add $15.00 to the class price. 
This is optional and you can pay during class.

Location: 5502 8th Street, Fallbrook/Rainbow

e - mail me to register

please bring 2 bottles, 2 brooches (1 large 1 smaller), E-6000. I will provide the rest

please don't be late!


Valentine’s Charlotte

Teachers: Robin Sanchez


Rita Reade

Date: February 11th, 2012

Time: 10:00am – 4:00 pm

Where: 5502 Eighth St. Fallbrook/Rainbow


Price $ 85.00


Supplies to bring:

Tea cup and Saucer

Charlotte doll head

Needle nose pliers and wire cutters


Robin will have a supply of Charlotte doll heads for sale $10.00 each if you would like to purchase in class. Optional for you to bring are: Trinkets, rhinestones, lace…… everything else will be provided. If you have any question please e-mail Robin directly at

There will also be a soldering station where for only $10.00 per charm, you can create a variety of charms to add to your cage. We will be soldering glass hearts, rhinestones and much! You will pay during class for the charms. Lunch will be served and of course there will be chocolate.

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together!

Please e-mail me at to arrange for a PayPal invoice. Your space will be reserve as soon as the PayPal payment is received. Class is not refundable; you are welcome to sell your sit to a friend.

I have been wanting to take this class but I am always working! And when Robin asked me if I wanted to host her class I ....of course said yes!

Soldered Heart Charms are optional.

I will have Vintage Valentines Postcards for you to choose from.


Private Soldering Classes!

Mix and Match

Wednesday through Friday
starts at 10 am

3 to 4 hours long

5502 8th Street, Fallbrook/Rainbow, Ca.92028

Beginner class - 4 charms (1 Bubble, 1 square, 1 Broken China Heart, 1 Crystal)
Beginner class - 4 crystals bottle topper with rhinestones
Beginner class - 1 shadow box, 1 bubble charm


supplies to bring: needle nose pliers. For the Crystal bottle topper please bring a brooch and bottle.

Reserve your space:

No more spaces available in October, November, December.

Private Class!

Private Classes!
October and November

Solder Book

Shadow Box

Class is about 4 hours long

Location: 5502 8th Street Rainbow....Rainbow is part of Fallbrook, 10 mins from Temecula off the 15 FWY
Classes are during the week from Wednesday through Friday
Cost of the class is $120.00
Cappuccino, and something Yummy will be served during class.

E-mail me if you would like to set a date. Two students max

Ciao for now

My diary HERE
My work HERE


Soldering Classes Schedule

Crown, or 4 charms, or the book

Private classes available from Wednesday through Friday. Max 2 students $ 120.00, 4 hours class for the 4 charms or the book class. $ 140.00 for the crown class. Payment due at registration. (
No refunds or exchange, sorry.
Please e-mail in advance to let me know which class you would like to take : Crown, or Charms ( 2 bubbles, a ceramic heart, a square),or Book.
Classes location: 5502 8th street, Fallbrook/Rainbow, California

November 5th, 2011
Class at Whimzy with Cheryl Waters. "Canvas shadow box". A mixed midia class with soldering involved. Class is $95.00, spaces are limited and to register please visit Whimzy web site HERE

November 19th, 2011

Class with Lisa Loria, "Bling Baby and mini Crown". Class is $ 160.00, location Point Loma. Please visit Lisa's blog HERE to register and for more info.

e-mail me to set up a private class


Next Class is at Whimzy!

Can't wait to teach with Cheryl Waters the Queen of mix media!
To register please visit Whimzy's web site.
Hope to see you there November 5th.


Tomorrow is our Love Nest Soldered Crown Class!

teachers Lisa Loria and Rita Reade
location Alta Loma, California

the ladies will be putting together about 30 solder elements plus making a nest and assembling the whole Crown.

Planning to go back on teaching private classes after the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

A class in Tustin, Ca. November 5th, 2011

A workshop in Big Bear Jan 30th - Feb 2nd, 2012

Ciao for now Rita


Private Classes = One student per class

4 hours
4 charms of your choice
$ 120.00
Rainbow/Fallbrook, California

this classes are only during the week
I will provide everything
August is full, starting to book September

August 27th, 2011
"Love Nest Crown Class"
it's getting full!

This is the biggest and most elaborate crown we have ever put together. We......
Lisa Loria and my self.
There are so many elements for you to work with:
mirrors, plates, crystals, rhinestones, marbles, wires, letters, beads, pearls.....Part of the class is to learn how to make a wire nest too. It will be a whole day class in Lisa Loria's incredible workshop. Lunch is included. This class in for intermediate and advance students only.

Starting at 10 am
Teachers: Lisa Loria & Rita Reade
Location: 10140 Orange St, Alta Loma
Price$ 225.00

for availability and to purchase your space.


Love Nest Crown Class

We have been waiting to announce this class for a while now!
This is the biggest and most elaborate crown we have ever put together. We......
Lisa Loria and my self.
There are so many elements for you to work with:
mirrors, plates, crystals, rhinestones, marbles, wires, letters, beads, pearls.....Part of the class is to learn how to make a wire nest too. It will be a whole day class in Lisa Loria's incredible workshop. Lunch is included. This class in for intermediate and advance students only.

Date: August 27th, 2011
Starting at 10 am
Teachers: Lisa Loria & Rita Reade
Location: 10140 Orange St, Alta Loma
Price$ 225.00

for availability and to purchase your space.

Supplies for you to bring: Soldering iron and needle nose pliers. We will provide EVERYTHING else!
Lisa and Rita

the crown is about 8" in diameter


Soldering Class in Rainbow!

July 21st, 2011

Max 6 students
10 am - 1 pm

No spaces left! as of June 13th, 2011

$ 100.00

In Rainbow at 5502 8th Street, Rainbow

We will be creating a Door Knob Bottle topper and your choice of a ceramic heart or bubble pendant. If you would like to make both charms there will be an extra $ 10.00 charge payable during class. Please bring your own bottle and needle nose pliers. I will provide the rest. This class is for beginners too. Trust me you will go home with the most beautiful bottle and pendant. Class is not refundable and spaces are going fast. Please register on the side bar.


No more spaces available for this class, I am planning another class soon.

Ciao Rita


Soldering Class July 14th, 2011
at Rooster Creek

10:00 am

$ 100.00

We will be making a solder bottle door knob topper and you have a choice of one of these charms. Choose from the ceramic heart or the bubble charm. If you would like to make both charms there is a
$ 10.00 extra charge. I will provide the door knob, mica glitter, pearls, rhinestones, ceramic heart, rose print for the bubble and everything for soldering. Please bring your own bottle and needle nose pliers. Only 3 spaces available as of May 28th. Your space will be reserve after payment is received. Pay pal on the side bar or e-mail me if you would like to send a personal check.


Rooster Creek Soldering Class

Please visit Mammabellarte's blog to see what the Ladies have created at the last soldering class! Click HERE

Soldering Class

May 19th, 2011

"Rooster Creek"
42030 Main St. Temecula Ca.

I am so excited to be teaching in Old Town Temecula. You will get to learn how to solder and enjoy a day of shopping. Old Town is full of Antique Stores and much more.

Class is $ 100.00

make check payable to Rita Reade (5502 8th Street, Rainbow, Ca.92028) or use the pay pal button on the side of the post. Your space will be reserved when payment is received. The class is not refundable.

from 10 am - 1 pm
we will be creating a "Crystal Wing Bottle Topper" and a "Bubble Charm"
please bring a bottle and e-mail me a word that you would like to use for your bubble charm.
max 6 students

See you there
Ciao Rita


Soldering Class April 30th, 2011

Teaching with Jackie this Saturday April 30th, 2011 in San Diego!
Check out what Jackie is getting together for the Fabric Collage.

Next classes

Another amazing class!
Please check out Mammabellarte for more photos of Saturday February 12th, 2011 class.
What's next?

Chateau De Fleurs March 4th and 5th, Glitterfest March 19th, The Cottage in The Garden April 1st, Carlsbad Flower Fields April 16th and 17th, Point Loma Garden Walk April 23rd, Fabric Collage Soldering Class.......

April 30th, 2011

Fabric Collage Class with and at Jackie B's Home in San Diego.
Class Cost $ 80.00 please use the paypal button or mail a personal check to:
Jackie Baxted, 8584 Foxcroft Place, San Diego 92129
Please click HERE for more info on what to bring

Lunch is included

so looking forward to teach this class with Jackie.
Please take time to check her blog too.

March 31th, May 12th and May 19th
I will be teaching

"The Solder Bottle"


Starts at 10:00 am
Location: Rainbow
5502 8th street
photo on the sidebar
please e-mail me, I am only teaching 4 students max.
Accepting only personal checks for this specific class

Working on a new class to teach in June, THE CROWN CLASS!
More info to come.....


February 12th, 2011
$ 120.00
Teacher: Rita Reade
Time 10:00am Sharp!
Location: 5502 8th Street, Fallbrook, Ca. 92028
Coming from the 5 take the 76 east to the 15 fwy north, exit Mission Rd/Rainbow, make a right and then a left on Old me for farther instructions.

Lunch included ( I believe "French Onion Soup" is in the menu)
Registration is closed

Please bring needle nose pliers and if you have favorite images for the shadow box. I will provide the rest. Some soldering knowledge is required.

Fabric Collage Class and 7 Charms
April 30th, 2011
$ 80.00
Teachers: Jackie Baxted and Rita Reade
Rancho Panasquito, San Diego

click HERE for more info.



January 22nd, 2011 Soldering Class

What an amazing class!
Thank you to the wonderful students/friends. Lisa Loria I can't thank you enough for teaching with me.
Lisa's will be teaching more classes in the near future

Next classes:
February 12th,2011
April 30th, 2011

Next Classes

" Fabric Collage and Soldered charms"
teachers: Jackie Baxted and Rita Reade
April 30th, 2011

location: 8584 Foxcroft Place, San Diego

$ 80.00

lunch included

Such a special and fun class, just in time for Mother's day. Inspired by artist KC Willis, Jackie will be teaching you a fabric collage. It's a 8"x10" wall hanging made with bits and pieces of coffee stained fabric and add layer after layer of material, lace and embellishments. Jackie will provide all materials with lots of clip art to choose from. If you would like to personalize your piece for a special someone, send Jackie via e-mail a jpegs of the image (s) no later than 4 days prior to the class. The Bellissima lady in the collage above is my Grandma. I will be teaching you the basics of soldering and will be creating 6-7 charms with a word of your choice. Please bring scissors, a bottle of Aleens Tacky Glue (Walmart 97 cents) and a pair of needle nose pliers. If you need to borrow my soldering iron please let me know when you register. And always remember that your space will be reserve after you register.

e-mail me to register and for directions to Jackie's house


So Proud of my students!

Just checked on Cottage Charm and Family Inspirations's blog and Marcela has made the most beautiful charms. Marcela took the book soldering class and here she is, soldering away. Great work Marcela! Please visit her blog to see more of her accomplishments.

Next classes one post down.